Combat mama burnout and enjoy your life again

Gain time, increase energy, experience joy
without sacrificing your disabled child’s needs

Less Overwhelm

More Time & Energy

More Joy

"You are more than a mom." - Cristin

Feeling burned out by endless caregiving?

You take care of everyone else but yourself. You’re resentful of the invisible workload so many mothers carry. You don’t have enough time to get everything done and your To-Do list gets longer and longer.

You feel guilty wanting more for yourself than being a caregiver.  You’re sick of just surviving and you’re ready to thrive. You’re scared what will happen to your child if your chronic stress impacts your health.



I'm Cristin,

I was just like you.

3 young children (one with Down syndrome), divorced, managing ALL the things by myself. Feeling broke, numb, and exhausted. I wondered to myself “Is this it?”

But I figured it out and I can help you too.

I’ve helped moms just like you find more time and energy so they can enjoy their lives again.

I blend my own personal experience with my background as a Marie Kondo trained professional organizer, meditation teacher, and life coach to help you break free of guilt, set boundaries, and simplify your life to create more time and energy so you can thrive.

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Imagine if...

You wake up looking forward to the day ahead.

You have time for a peaceful cup of coffee with a cherished friend, an online yoga class, a walk by yourself, or to take a nap.

You’re thriving without feeling guilty and without dropping the ball on your child’s needs.

You have a new lease on life.

Cristin Condon